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The Smiling Report is highly appreciated by journalists and clients worldwide!
So far, mystery shopping providers covering 69 countries have submitted data from more than 20 million evaluations of wether the mystery shopper received a smile, a greeting or an add-on sales suggestion.

No separate surveys are required, the providers submit aggregated data from all visits already performed during the past year. No individual companies are identified, only total figures per industry and per country.

Start preparing now!
Prepare to join by tagging your clients to an industry, and the questions in all your checklists that are related to the categories, smile, greeting and add-on sales. Then it will be easy for you to pull the data immediately after the end of the year. Please talk to your IT-company already now and you will be able to participate in the Smiling Report in an efficient way.

Deadline for submitting data for 2019 is 31st of January 2020.
Below you see the industries we cover. You are requested to submit one set of data per country you cover, in the form at this website.

Welcome to join one of the largest surveys in the world about smiling, greeting and add-on sales!

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